This complication features excerpts from three episodes, Aberfan, Gypsy Girl and Gouge It Out, discussing family and a town’s tragedy, childhood innocence and racism, and…

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The most perfect time to kiss someone

To kiss or not to kiss?

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I decided to get my revenge

Drastic measures in a student house.

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Before my Dad’s pilgrimage

How do you cope when someone you love changes?

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She was my favourite person in the whole entire world

“It looked like one of those houses out of Hansel and Gretel.”

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One of the most romantic things

Being a good boyfriend takes different forms.

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Harsh conditions the Taliban brought

An Afghani’s persistent pursuit of education, despite the obstacles.

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Where the Taj Mahal is

A tourists’ story of being in India in the 90’s.

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That was forty years ago

A serendipitous love story in Birmingham.

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Live in the mountains

Childhood during the Lebanese civil war.

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