This story comes from a girl I met in a seminar at university. We sat on the grass in a park by the Stour River in Canterbury and chatted while the sun set. It’s a longer story than most, and perhaps a slightly heavier one, dealing with themes of racism and poverty in Bulgaria.

But I found the honesty and emotion in her descriptions really moving and it gave me a few minute’s insight into another person’s world. I loved that the story was what led the storyteller to come to the UK in the first place, and eventually to be sat in this park with me.

I met this storyteller at a wedding in Wales and as we sat around a firepit in the evening I asked him to tell me a story. Such an unlikely and satisfying event would have made a good story anyway, but his analysis of serendipity and coincidence and how we make sense of the world made it a great story.

It was the first time I’d ever met this storyteller, and we were sat in a field in York with so many daisies that the ground looked white. It’s simultaneously disgusting and touching. When I combined it with the cliché romantic music, I found it even funnier.

I had problems with the mic when recording this one, but I liked it so much I wanted to keep it. The crisis in Venezuela is such a huge topic but hearing about it through the perspective of someone who grew up there challenged some of my assumptions. It was recorded in a hidden park in Madrid on the last day I lived there. As I listened, I was on the edge of tears.

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