Stories for Cigarettes is an audio storytelling project which mixes voices and found sound. The stories reflect on the world through personal anecdotes.

I am an audio producer and recent graduate from the UK. My favourite thing to do is listen to other people. I especially love listening to other people when they’re painfully, uncomfortably honest. When they tell you things they’re ashamed of, or even a little too proud of. Things they want to forget, and things they never could.

Back in 2015 I started carrying around a packet of cigarettes, so that every time somebody came up to me to ask for a cigarette or a lighter, I’d give them this proposition:

I’ll give you cigarette in exchange for a story.

The story could be about anything, but it had to last at least as long as the cigarette. Now, the project is a bit different, and I also request stories from people I meet, and usually without smoking. I’ve collected stories from over 200 strangers, acquaintances, friends and family in various countries throughout Europe.

The best ones give you a few minutes of insight into the mind and life of another person, and can introduce you to new themes and major events through one person’s intimate anecdote. Some stories are small, like a school-girl being chased by a dog that she’s mistaken for a lion (#1). Others are big, like an Afghani human rights activist pursuing education, despite the obstacles and threats by the Taliban (#16). They bring up themes of grief, love, conflict and identity. But in all of the stories which I edit and upload, you see through another person’s eyes for a moment.

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